Government Jobs Vs. Private Jobs – A comparison

Government and private jobs have always been a problem for new job seekers; especially for those who do not know what they want in life. Once you are sure which ones are your favorites it can be easy to choose.

Usually, people want all the comforts of life but for all of these comforts, it is impossible so you have to postpone it according to your will. For example, the benefits of government jobs are safety, flexibility, retirement benefits, comfortable working hours, a comfortable environment, while one can point to other issues such as slower growth, fewer job opportunities, money transfers, and fewer challenges. Similarly one can see the benefits of private jobs in India like high pay packages, small transfers, job increases, new challenges, etc. Along with these benefits, there are a number of problems with private services e.g. low security, busy work schedules, high work pressures, many bosses with authority, etc. So one can choose his own choice. If you are looking for challenges in life, better pay packages, faster promotions for sure independent work is your choice but at the same time, you should also postpone your work plan, job security (if you do not have enough knowledge), peace of mind, etc. Similarly, Government Jobs can give you things, which are private but not the only reward you get for safety, stability, and flexibility.

Since the IT boom in India, IT companies have gained much popularity, and many recent graduates have gone to great lengths to seek out private companies. However, after a few years, things became much clearer and people realized how the private sector had been exploiting their workers.

The Seventh Pay Commission (7CPC )

The Seventh Pay Commission also known as 7cpc  adds another benefit to government services. Young people are looking for government jobs in India and the recent economic downturn and job cuts have encouraged this trend. Like other public sector banks, some government agencies are also changing their promotional policies to introduce rapid promotions and similar initiatives that increase youth interest in public sector activities.

That is when the Government of India’s job gained the lost respect back. Following the recent government Pay Commission, the way of life of civil servants improved for the benefit of the people. Tasks were flexible and easy to use. Every student and adult began looking for a government job also known as Sarkari Naukri in India.

Benefits of Govt. Job in India:

There are many benefits to having a government job like job security, good salaries, flexible rules, enough leaves, uncomplicated schedules, and the list goes on and on.

1: Job Security

2: Regular Promotion

3: Medical (Health Schemes)

4:Social Statuses like respect and credibility

Sometimes it is a problem to go to government services in India. After all the benefits and eligibility, however, people fail to get govt job for a number of reasons such as failing to unsubscribe from entrance exams, and often people fail to get a job opening notice on time.

It is not difficult to keep track of the latest job openings. Companies write requirements on their websites and application forms, and all that an applicant needs to do is fill out that form and send it to the company with an automatic check fee such as the required form or check. Even newspapers have all the information a person needs, such as job creation, needs, and other details.

Sometimes it is difficult to look for a government job as all of the above sources have open job opportunities and the one who is looking for them has no choice but to seek a particular need. Such individuals may use specialized search engines designed to search for government jobs and job applications.

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